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Welcome to Fujisawa Church!!

@@Fujisawa Church is a protestant church in the center of Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The church was founded by a woman missionary from American Presbyterian church, and developed in the tradition of Japan Methodist Church. At present, it is administered by United Church of Christ in Japan, as a member in Kanagawa Parish.
@We hope that you will find Fujisawa Church your spiritual home and make yourself grow in faith in such a diverse church community united in a body of Christ.
@@We also hope that you will join some of the church activities such as home Bible study, so called eKumikaif which means ebandf in Methodist term, Sunday School, Church Choir, and so on.
@@Although all services and meetings are given in Japanese, they are open to everyone. Please feel free to contact us at the address shown below for any assistance or questions.

Worship Service:

@Early Sunday Morning@ @@F @9:00am ]9:30am
@Sunday  Morning@@@@ @@F 10:30am ] 12:00am
@Every 4th Sunday Evening@F   6:00pm ] 7:00pm

Early Morning Worship ^Sunday School and Catechism

@Early Morning Worship
@@Held for the kindergarten to high school students, including their
@@parents and all the adults
@@@@@Worship F@9:00am ]9:30am@ (every Sunday morning)
@Sunday School
@@@@@Class@@F@ 9:30am -10:00am
@@@@@EKindergarten students (Youchika Group) (age: 3-5)
@@@@@EElementary school students (Gospel Group) (age: 6-12)
@@@@@EAnother class is also held for their parents.
@@@@@Class @F@ 9:30am -10:00am
@@@@@EJunior-high school
@@@@@@@@@and high school students (Manna Group) (age: 13-18)

High school students (age: 16-18)@can attend any worship services (Early Morning and/or Sunday Morning).

2019 Church Calendar

Epiphany Sun. Jan. 6
Ash Wednesday Wed. Mar. 6
Lent Wed. Mar. 6`Sat. Apr. 20
Palm Sunday Sun. Apr. 14
Passion Week Sun. Apr. 14`Sat. Apr. 20
Maundy Thursday Thu. Apr. 18
Good Friday Fri. Apr. 19
Easter Sun. Apr. 21
Ascension Da Thu. May 30
Pentecost Sun. Jul. 9
Trinity Sunday Sun. Jul. 16
Advent Sun. Dec. 1`Tue. Dec. 24
Christmas Wed. Dec. 25

2019 Church Events

Worship for New Year's Day Tue. Jan. 1
Fujisawa Church Anniversary
Sun. Feb. 3
World Day of Prayer Fri. Mar. 1
Mother's Day@@@@@ Sun. May 12
Children's Day (Flower Day) Sun. Jun. 16
Peace Sunday Sun. Aug. 4
World Communion Sunday,
World Mission Sunday
Sun. Oct.13
Seminary Sunday,
Christian Vocation Day
Sun. Oct. 14
All Saints' Day Sun. Nov. 3
Thanksgiving Day Sun. Nov. 24


@2-5 Kugenuma-Hanazawa-cho, Fujisawa-shi,Kanagawa Prefecture
@Phone F (0466) 22-2836
@Pastor  F Rev. Naoto Kuroda 


@Email:Pastor Kuroda
@Phone: (0466) 22-2836
@Fax:   (0466) 22-3068


@@The church belongs to the United Church of Christ in Japan, the largest assembly established in 1941 by various Japanese protestant denominations, which has about 1,700 churches and mission houses, 200,000 members in Japan. The church is a member of Kanagawa Parish, which administers 110 churches in Kanagawa Prefecture including 6 churches and mission houses in Fujisawa City.

Brief HistoryF

@@The protestant mission in Fujisawa was started by a woman missionary from American Presbyterian Church around 1883.
@@As one of the mission activities in Shonan area, including Fujisawa city, the eFujisawa Mission Housef was established in 1918 by Japan Methodist Church originated by John Wesley, which turned out to be the official start as a church. Since then, the church has lived with the history of Fujisawa City over 120 years. After having moved to the present location quite near the Fujisawa railway station in 1933, many new comers have joined the church community, along with the development of the city and the increase of the population, especially that of the residents in the coastal area called eShonan Kugenumaf. Having approximately 230 members and 120 attendants in every Sunday morning service in average, the church is the largest among all protestant churches in Fujisawa city.

Chronological TableF

1883 Mission started by a woman missionary from American Presbyterian Church
1918 Establishment of eFujisawa Mission Housef by Japan Methodist Church
1929 Recognized as a church supported by the grant from JMC
1933 Moved to the present location
1934 Establishment of Mikuni Kindergarten
1939 Recognized as an independent church
  1941 Establishment of United Church of Christ in Japan
Official name: Fujisawa Church of United Church of Christ in Japan
  1979 Refurbishment of church building 
  2016 Arrival of present pastor, Rev. Naoto Kuroda
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